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Express Gourmet

The Healthy Butcher’s “Express Gourmet” is a full line of gourmet foods prepared with pure organic ingredients. We sell: 

  • Uncooked, pre-seasoned and pre-stuffed meats such as marinated chicken breasts, and stuffed roasts ready for your oven;

  • Freshly prepared salads;

  • Partially cooked, vacuum sealed dishes ready for a quick warm up ("sous vide"); and

  • Frozen entrees good for single portions or large families

Our team is a passionate group of experienced chefs and nutritionists.  So whether you’re in the mood for an Heirloom Carrot And Leek Soup, Quinoa Pilaf, or craving authentic comfort foods such as our Italian tomato sauce, meatballs, lasagnes, or pot pies, we will bring the passion for food to your dinner table.

We invite you to visit our store and speak to our chefs about your cooking needs.



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