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How to Spatchcock & Roast the Perfect Turkey

Imagine roasting a whole turkey in one-third of the time it normally takes, with the resulting turkey being the juiciest turkey ever! Therein lies the magic of spatchcocking, an age old method of flattening a bird by removing its backbone. A few years ago Mark Bittman popularized the method from an article and video he did for the New York Times, and since then we’ve been spatchcocking turkeys like gangbusters for our customers (yes Charles, you were the first!).

In this newsletter, Head Butcher Dave Meli shows you all about spatchcocking a turkey in an instructional video, and written instructions follow. For our turkey buying customers, we will be more than glad to spatchcock your turkey (at no charge) when you pick up your turkey... just plan on giving us an extra 5 minutes with your bird.

(hmmm... that didn’t come out right)

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How to Spatchcock & Roast The Perfect Turkey  



Below are step-by-step written instructions... or you can watch Head Butcher Dave Meli in this video... 


How does spatchcocking significantly reduce the roasting time?  It’s quite simple, actually. The shape of a whole bird isn’t conducive to even cooking. Think about it, you have the breasts exposed at the top (and often overcooked), you have wings hanging around, and you have a huge cavernous space in the middle that needs to be heated up. By flattening the bird, what you’re doing is creating a shape that allows the heat to evenly penetrate thereby reducing the time. As a side benefit, you can use a much higher temperature, which is a double whammy to reduce the roasting time further.

Before you progress any further, spatchcocking a bird is NOT for you if you either:
(a) Like to stuff your bird... there will no longer be a cavity within which to stuff; or
(b) You’re the type of person who likes to bring a whole cooked turkey to the dinner table and carve it in front of your guests. 

And here's what you do to spatchcock:

Step 1
Using a sharp boning knife or good kitchen shears, cut along one side of the spine of the turkey, then repeat on the other side of the turkey. Stay as close to the backbone as possible. Use the spine for stock or gravy. Trim any large pieces of fat. 

Step 2
Flip the turkey over and firmly push down on one breast until you hear a pop. Repeat on the other side.
Step 3
One Stretch the legs outward so the turkey lies flat. 

Step 4
Insert an herb butter under the skin of the turkey (see our other guide and video here

Step 5
Roast in a preheated 450°F oven until the internal temperature reads 165°F.

For a tried-and-true classic roast turkey recipe, including how to brine and massage your turkey with a joyous herb butter, read our complete Guide to Roasting the Perfect Turkey:



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