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5 Simple Rules for Amazing Health

To end 2015, we’re going to countdown our Top 5 Rules for Amazing Health. Unlike lofty New Year’s Resolutions that are only achieved less than 10% of the time, what we want to do is take baby steps in all areas that can be repeated every day. All 5 aspects of our lives are interrelated; if you eat well, but don’t exercise your muscles, you simply cannot achieve optimal health. If you exercise, but don’t sleep well or fill your body with processed foods, the benefits of exercise are negated.

For our #1 Rule, we pulled a video from the archives of a presentation that Mario Fiorucci did at RISE: The Better Living Expo, where he proposed the key to eating healthier lies with a change in our attitude towards food.

Enjoy, have a stellar ending to another year and we wish you a healthy and prosperous New Year.

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5 Rules for Amazing Health  

5. Do not put toxic things into your body.

Eating a few potato chips in moderation won't make you unhealthy.  Eating junk food everyday, smoking every day, or regularly consuming other toxins will kill you.
Avoid sugar as much as possible;
Avoid processed foods as much as possible;
Avoid the obvious toxins, like smoking and alcohol (although there’s nothing wrong with drinking a glass, maybe two of red wine at dinner!);
Buy organic vegetables and fruits as much as possible. At the very least, purchase the “Dirty Dozen” Organic;
Eat less meat and fish, but eat clean meat and fish from a trusted source like The Healthy Butcher.

4. Drink Lots of Water

The health authorities recommend drinking eight 8-ounce glasses a day. The 8x8 rule is easy to remember. Simplicity is key.

3. Sleep Like a Baby

As we get older, more and more things are thrown at us to stop us from getting quality sleep.... babies, stress, etc.  But we all know that jacking ourselves full of coffee and Red Bulls to avoid moving like a zombie is not a solution.  Find the solution(s) that work for you.
Drink less caffeine.
Ensure your bedroom is completely dark.
Avoid electronics before bed.
Meditate or listen to calming music (YouTube is full of options)
And if you must, seek advice from a professional.  Quality sleep will add years to your life and make you more effective and happy every day.

2. Exercise

No matter how healthy you eat, your body is made up of muscles, and muscles need to be used.  Do you exercise regularly? If so, you’re good to go to the next rule. If not, try adding one extra day of exercise per week. You’ll get addicted no doubt. You don’t need a gym membership, there are plenty of exercises you can do at home. And don’t forget the easiest methods of exercising: park far away, use the stairs whenever possible, take a walk at lunch time. Just keep moving!

1. Eat real.  Live healthy.

The most effective way to eat healthy is to focus on real foods. Real Foods are those that come from nature and are minimally processed. If your food doesn’t rot over time, it’s not real.

Don’t diet! You need to stick with whatever you’re doing every day, for life. The “dieting” mindset has always been a bad idea. You don’t need to, nor is it wise, to count calories, grams of protein, grams of carbs, or whatever. If you are eating a variety of real foods, your body will be well fed or, if it isn't, it will tell you, by way of a craving.

In the following filmed presentation by Mario Fiorucci, founder of The Healthy Butcher and RealFoodToronto, at RISE: The Better Living Expo held in Toronto at the Brickworks June 14, 2014, Mario dispels the notion that eating well means spending more money, compares the actual cost of real food vs. fake food, and finally proposes that the solution to encouraging society as a whole to eat better lies not with price, but with our relationship with food.

Key points:
- Focus on the ingredients of food, not the nutrition box.
- Learn to cook! Cook at home using real food ingredients as much as possible.
- Plant a garden – nothing creates a better connection with food than growing it.
- It is proven that as pleasure with food decreases, so does health. Eat together with family and friends, slow down & enjoy every bite.


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