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"I'd like to encourage you to think about the meat you eat.  Is it good enough? Good enough to bring you pleasure every time you eat it? What about the animals it comes from? Have they lived well? And what about the way you cook meat? Are you adventureous with it? Are you thrifty with it? Do you respect it, and do it justice?"

- Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, The River Cottage Meat Book

Organic Meat

The Healthy Butcher’s organic meat is worth getting passionate about.  We have individually selected our suppliers based on quality, taste, and the proximity to our store.  And we have ensured that our farmers satisfy the highest possible organic standards. 

Our offerings of fresh meat include Certified Organic and Locally-Raised Beef, Chicken, Pork, Lamb, Elk, Bison, Duck, Geese, Rabbit, and much more.

What makes The Healthy Butcher’s meat better?

The purity, quality and flavour of our meat is unsurpassed.  Our meat has been raised on pastures totally clean of any chemicals, without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones and grown only on certified organic feed. The animals have grazed and foraged for their own feed and have grown at nature’s pace. 

We buy our meat in whole cuts, and cut it fresh daily.  And all aging is done by us the old fashioned way – air dried in our own cooler.  You will taste the difference!  From winning the Canadian BBQ Championship, to SteakGuys.com rating our steaks magnificent (see below), to numerous press reviews, the difference in quality is obvious.

All of our meat is brought in fresh straight from the farm - never frozen.  Come in to our store to see what we have today, or call us at 416-ORGANIC.

What we offer you?

Are you craving a specific cut of meat that you don’t see in our display case?  Or do you wish to order rarer breeds or game not offered on a regular basis?  We will work for you.  We will cut and order meat that you cannot find elsewhere.

And we guarantee the authenticity of our meat.  If you want to know exactly where your meat has come from, we will show you the documentation tracing your meat right back to the organic farm it was grown.

How do our prices compare?

We buy directly from farmers as much as possible and avoid wholesalers and distributors.  What that means to you is that our prices are usually comparable to non-organic meat. 

Of course, to raise animals by organic standards costs more – more space is required for grazing, more time is required to grow at nature’s pace, organic feed is more expensive, the certification process is time consuming and demanding, and the traditional aging process we use results in loss of significant product.  So naturally, certified organic is more expensive.  But remember, you pay for what you get.




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