The high quality and stature that The Healthy Butcher has achieved is a result of many individuals working together as a team - not because of one or two individuals.

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Mario Fiorucci and Tara Longo, Co-Presidents

Lawyer and Investment Banker turned Butchers.

Former Lawyer and Investment Banker, Mario and Tara left their large Bay Street Firms to do the unimaginable – open an organic butcher shop.  The Healthy Butcher was born out of their frustration of the difficulty finding good quality, fresh organic meat in Toronto and the difficulty of finding good quality prepared foods to eat in the comfort of their own home when their work schedules didn’t allow for enough time to spend cooking. 

So, they used their business savvy to negotiate a deal with long-time owner and furniture store operator Sol Borenstein to buy 565 Queen St West. in the heart of The Fashion District. After restoring the building to its original 1890 beauty, their goal is to provide downtown Toronto residents with a place they can trust to sell only the best organic meats and gourmet prepared foods that will bring a passion for food to their patrons’ dinner tables.




Jonathan Abrahams,
Director of Operations & Executive Chef

Trained in England, Spain, Israel, and Egypt, Jonathan brings a worldly flair to The Healthy Butcher’s Express Gourmet prepared foods. After cooking at several Queen West restaurants, Jonathan feels at home in the kitchen of The Healthy Butcher. “More than anything, I like that I’m preparing honest products, using only the best organic ingredients and never trying to pull anything over our customers,” says Jonathan about working with local, organic & seasonal ingredients. Jonathan has found a passion for experimentation, and loves the freedom to whip up any dish on zero notice. “In restaurants, menus are created to last long periods of time and once written it’s the same thing over and over until the next menu is created; here, whatever is seasonal comes into the door as soon as its ripe with little notice – at that point, it’s ‘these are for you Jon, do whatever’ and I have to whip something up.” Jonathan loves the open dialogue with customers coming into the store and wanting to learn how to cook something for the first time. “To me, gourmet and organics are one in the same,” says Jonathan, “they are about using the best ingredients and letting those ingredients shine with minimal effort.”





David Meli, Executive Butcher

Dave is in charge of dealing with all of our farmers in Ontario – currently numbering at over 75 local family farms!  He ensures the animals are raised to our exceedingly high standards, that the resulting meat is of premier quality, he oversees our dry ageing program, coordinates with abbatoirs, and of course ensures the butchers under him are butchering to our impeccable standards.

Dave is not only a Master Butcher, but a Red Seal Chef. A graduate of the George Brown Culinary Management Program, Dave has cut his teeth working some of the busiest bistro kitchens in Toronto. He has a mature and sophisticated understanding of restaurant culture and works closely with the many chefs in Toronto that represent our farmers on their menus. In 2007, Dave spent time in Malta learning directly about his parent’s cuisine. There, Dave witnessed a country smaller in size than Toronto participate in a cuisine solely based on domestic vegetables, livestock and fish. He brings our team a passion for food that is rooted in his understanding of local agriculture systems and the capacity for an ethnicity to present themselves internationally through their cuisine. With this approach in mind, Dave investigates the local seasonal offerings in Ontario and builds them into our daily operations, always moving towards a definition of a provincial personality expressed through food.








Maxine Knight


Maxine Knight, Head Chef

Maxine Knight is a Chef and Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN). For over 12 years Maxine has been honing and perfecting her craft in fine dining establishments, local catering companies and golf and country clubs throughout the city. Her culinary career has spanned notable establishments include the Toronto Board of Trade, O&B's Biff’s Bistro, Canoe, Club Med Resorts, Angus Glen Golf and Country Club, and private catering. 

Maxine realized her love and passion for food extended beyond the finesse and precision of the fine dining industry and extended into the role food plays in the body in terms of health and well being. In 2008 Maxine graduated from The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Upon completing the program, Maxine switched her culinary focus and worked at Live Organic Food Bar, the first raw food vegan restaurant in Toronto. There, she spent 2 years learning about and working with whole foods, while creating new and exciting dishes for conventional palates using unconventional techniques.

Maxine has finally landed at The Healthy Butcher, where she is in charge of all the Express Gourmet options, ensuring that the prepared foods offered at The Healthy Butcher are not only delicious, but healthy as well!






















Mario Fiorucci & Tara Longo receiving the building keys from Sol Borenstein,

long-time owner of this Queen St. shop


Before and after photos of the storefront at 565 Queen St. West. 

The original wooden pillars and colours were restored and a knotty pine sign backboard was installed bringing the storefront to one typical of an early 1900's Queen St. store.


Compare the new Healthy Butcher store with this

picture of an 1800's pork butcher...






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