Who we are

We believe...

that buying healthy meat should be easy, and that eating healthy shouldn’t mean compromising your eating enjoyment. Those beliefs unite everything we do in our singular commitment to provide you with delicious, organic, ethically raised meat that you can feel good about buying and eating.

Our Mission Statement

To ensure your food is produced the way nature intended.

Co-Owner Tara in the news:

Interviewer: “You seem very confident that The Healthy Butcher is the best butcher shop around; that's a big statement.  Why are you so confident?” 

Tara's Answer:

"That’s simple.  Because we sell what we say we sell and we do what we say we do.  We don't mask anything in fancy marketing terms, and we don't bait and switch.  If a meat cut in our store is labelled "Grassfed", you can rest assured that it is 100% Grassfed, and not the type of grassfed beef that's finished on genetically modified grains and corn sprayed with pesticides and fertilizers.  If we say a cut is Organic, it is legitimately Certified Organic, and not "like organic" as many places will say when trying to convince you that what they have is worth buying.  Put it this way, if you want a decent tasting steak, you can go to many shops.  If you want a great tasting steak that was ethically raised, and is healthy for you and the environment, you come to The Healthy Butcher."

Our Meat

Our Farmers

No, we don’t own our own farm, nor do we want to.  We source only from farmers who are passionate about producing the best meat.  When we evaluate a farm to add to our offering, we leave no stone unturned.  We never turn a blind eye.  Starting at the soil, our farms use biodynamic principles – rotating crops and pasturing multiple species of animals – to keep our land healthy.  Our animals eat what they were born to eat, not what our industrialized society has dictated they eat. 

The breeds are carefully selected to match the terroir of the farm. Processing happens a minimal distance from the farm, and at abattoirs that are best designed to minimize stress. We select from the best, and that’s what makes us great.

What makes our meat so great

The Healthy Butcher’s meat is nothing short of legendary because it is nature’s expression of true gourmet.  It’s not easy to always do the right thing, the right way, every time.  But we’re passionate about our belief that ethically raised, healthy, delicious meat is possible and affordable.

The Healthy Butcher


Our classes have been enjoyed by tens of thousands of people over the years...  From Sausage Making to Butchering, from Knife Skills to Roasting Skills, they are fun and educational and they make the perfect gift!

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